🌱 Soil Culture Workshop 🌱
Vital to life on earth, soil underpins our daily lives and the survival of our planet as we know it.

This workshop by Myka Baum aims to inspire new ways of seeing and relating to the natural world and perhaps broaden thinking within your art practice.
You will be introduced to the complex ecosystem of soil and have the opportunity to unearth different soil types from across Freightliners Farm. We will consider approaches from art and science that make visible the invisible complexities of soil and reflect on their potential as barometers for climate health.

Curated by @ambrepanhard for the @IslingtonClimateCentre Arts & Ecology Programme

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Symbiotic Cultures (2021)

Still Life On Earth (2021)

Time For Action (2017)

The Worm Turns
Show RCA (2017)

Bonfire In A Beehive (2014)

Rotten Work (2010)

Lunar Mare
New Contemporaries (2009)

Lunacy (2008)

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