I'm a visual artist living and working in London.
After a decade in Logistics Management I escaped from the office to study for a BA in Fashion Product Management (2004) where I discovered art. I became a keen photographer and I went on to study on the Postgraduate Certificate in Photography at Central Saint Martins (2009) which resulted in my Lunar Mare series being selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 09. I have exhibited at Café Park Gallery, Brighton Photo Fringe, Photofusion, Cornerhouse, and APT gallery amongst others and am currently in my final term of postgraduate study at the Royal College of Art on the Print pathway.
I work with a variety of processes including photography, printmaking and installation, often involving natural phenomena in the making of my work.
Central to my practice is the fragility of nature. I am interested in how we have become so disconnected both from nature and from our animal being. My work is largely informed by my deep engagement with and close observation of nature and draws heavily on the studies and writings of Darwin and Goethe. I am driven to ‘feel my way intellectually into the inner heart of a thing to locate what is unique and inexpressible in it’ (Henri Bergson) and to make this visible through my work.
Key sources of inspiration have been Daro Montag, Janet Lawrence, Ackroyd & Harvey, herman de vries, Tim Knowles and Helen Chadwick to name but a few.
An ongoing investigation into the point at which nature becomes an image is manifested through transformative production processes. Centred on a microbiology of growing and developing living and rotting matter, which become implicated onto the surface of the image. Processes have included corrosion of film under compost, corrosion of prints in saltwater and planting crops into and through photographic prints. These processes are captured using ancient and modern methods such as Cyanotypes, Lumen Prints and Digital Photography. 



MA Print, Royal College of Art, 2015 - 2017
PG Cert Photography, Central Saint Martins, 2007 – 2008
BA (hons) Fashion Product Management, London Centre For Fashion Studies, 2002 - 2004


I'm currently taking a sabbatical to recover from illness. But I'll be back!



Everyday Delight, Shutter Hub, Free Space Project, London



Obsolete & Discontinued, Magazzini Fotografici, Naples, Italy


Our eARTh, Kunsthuis Gallery, Crayke, Yorkshire

Obsolete & Discontinued, Waterstones Gallery, London
London Photomonth, Shutter Hub Open, Old Truman Brewery, London

Show RCA 2017, Graduation Show, Royal College of Art, London
Retina 17 Photography Festival, Edinburgh
Super Super, RCA MA Print Show, Kingsgate Workshop, London
In Present Company, Freightliners Farm, London
'O' Garden Room Gallery, Dartington, UK
Rogue Seed, SU Café, Royal College of Art Kensington, London
Output, Royal College of Art, MA Print Interim Show, CGP London
Merz Barn Residency Exhibition, The Crypt, St John on Bethnal Green, London

Science Inspires Art: Food, NY Hall of Science, New York
Obsolete & Discontinues, Schaelpic Photokunstbar, Cologne, Germany
Shutter Hub Open, Cambridge, UK
Obsolete & Discontinued, Revela t, Analogue Photography Festival, Barcelona
Aether, Imperial College London
Break/Link, Royal College of Art Printmaking, Café Park Gallery, London
Work-In-Progress Show, Royal College of Art, London

Photofusion Salon/15, London
Fiddling While Earth Burns, RCA Climate Action Collective, Dyson Gallery, London

Brighton Photo Fringe, Autumn Germination: The Sprouting of New Ideas, curated by Sue Steward, Brighton
Freightliners City Farm, Bonfire In A Beehive, London

Tri-pod presents Miss Havisham’s Larder, Photofusion Gallery, London

Q-Art Presents 4, APT Gallery, London
Crash Open, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London

index7, Protein Gallery, London
Try A Little Tenderness, Freightliners Farm, London
On Water, Canal Museum, London
earth:NOW:being, Hackney City Farm, London & Church Farm, Stevenage

Arts Council England, London
Crash Open, Charlie Dutton Gallery, London
Folk Off’, Green Lens Studio, London
Little White Lies, SuperMonday Collective, Stour Space, London

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2009, Cornerhouse, Manchester
Tracing The Image, SuperMonday Collective, Crypt Gallery, London
Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2009, A Foundation, London
Unique Perspectives, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham

Shadow's Symposium, London College of Communication
Presentation on Practice, Central Saint Martins
Show N Tell, The Camera Club, London
LAPC Artist Talks, Myka Baum & William Arnold, Silverprint Gallery, London
Presentation on practice, Photofusion Gallery, London
Q-Art Convenor, presentation on practice, Cass Art, London

Seed Sowing, Propagation and Potting Up, RCA Green Week, 2017
Making Hanging Containers from Recycled Bottles, RCA Green Week, 2017
Anthotypes, RCA Green Week, 2017
Spore Prints and Making Paints from Natural Pigments, Merz Barn, Langdale, 2017
Making Connections, Reach Out RCA, V&A, 2016
Cyanotypes, Freightliners City Farm, London, 2014

Freightliners City Farm, London

2009 Bloomberg New Contemporaries

The Guardian, Burning Issue: Student Art Against Climate Change

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Fabric For Fashion - The Complete Guide, Clive Hallett & Amanda Johnston, Laurence King Publishing
Fabric For Fashion - The Complete Swatch Book, Clive Hallett & Amanda Johnston, Laurence King Publishing
Fabric For Fashion - The Swatch Book, Clive Hallett & Amanda Johnston, Laurence King Publishing
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