Myka Baum | Biog

I'm a visual artist living and working in London.

After a decade in Logistics Management I escaped from the office to study for a BA in Fashion Product Management (2004) where I discovered art. I became a keen photographer and I went on to study on the Postgraduate Certificate in Photography at Central Saint Martins (2009) which resulted in my Lunar Mare series being selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 09. In 2017 I graduated from Royal College of Art, Print.

My practice is concerned with the fragility of nature and how we have become so disconnected from both it and our animal being.

The work is largely informed by my deep engagement with and close observation of nature: ’feeling my way intellectually into the inner heart of a thing to locate what is unique and inexpressible in it’ (Henri Bergson). 

There is a fascination with the processes of growth and decay and to make tangible their ephemeral nature. This is attempted with the assistance of the organisms that are the subject of study, predominantly through photography, juxtaposed with found or made sculptural objects.

Key sources of inspiration have been Daro Montag, Janet Lawrence, Ackroyd & Harvey, herman de vries [sic] and Tim Knowles to name but a few.

An ongoing investigation into the point at which nature becomes an image is manifested through transformative production processes. Centred on a microbiology of living and rotting matter, which become implicated onto the surface of the image. Processes have included corrosion of film under compost, corrosion of prints in saltwater and planting crops into and through photographic prints. These processes are captured using ancient and modern methods such as Cyanotypes, Lumen Prints, Analogue and Digital Photography. 

I have exhibited widely throughout the UK, including Café Park Gallery, Brighton Photo Fringe, Photofusion, Cornerhouse, and APT gallery as well as internationally, including New York Hall of Science, Cologne, Barcelona, Naples. My work has been published multiple times in broadsheet newspapers and books.

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