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Rising Stars...

I've been tipped in The Guardian as a rising star who's work is collectible and investable...

Save the date!

Show RCA is just around the corner...

Two years have gone by in a flash and I'm on my last leg of postgraduate study at the Royal College of Art.
Showtime starts with the PV on Friday 23 June
Exhibition runs: 24 June - 2 July (closed Friday 30 June for friends and family only)

more soon...

Super Super // Kingsgate Workshops

Kingsgate Workshops, London
Opening Event: 29th June 6-9pm
Open 30th June & 1st July


Obsolete & Discontinued

Schaelpic Photokunstbar, Köln, Germany / more info

In the past...

Garden Room Gallery, Dartington, Devon
21 April - 9 May 2017
I'm very pleased to be showing work alongside William Arnold, and Melanie King at's Garden Room Gallery in Devon.

See here for details...

Shadows II: Natural Transformations
10th March 2017

I have been invited to speak at Shadows II: Natural Transformations as part of Moose On The Loose Biennial of Research at University of the Arts London.
Other speakers will be Susan Derges, Gary Fabian Miller, Walter & Zoniel, Nettie Edwards, William Arnold, Oliver Raymond Barker, Corinne Silvers and last not least, Melanie King.

RCA Work-in-Progress Show
24 - 26 Feb 2017

It's time for our annual Work-in-Progress Show by students of the Print Pathway at the Royal College of Art.
Café Gallery Projects, Southwark Park
Check here for details.

Science Inspires Art: Food
NY Hall of Science, New York
17 Sept - 26 Feb 2017

I'm proud to have been selected for the New York Art & Science: Food exhibition at New York Hall of Science. My first show across the pond!
More info here.

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